Monday, July 9, 2012

Silverwood Trip

We had a fun family outing to Silverwood and an Independence Day getaway with friends
Fortunately, the Silverwood campground was full so we opted for Farragut State Park which turned out to be a beautiful camping area with lush surroundings.

We had a great time at Silverwood, riding Aftershock several times and having a blast at the waterpark (as usual).
Justin's hoping to get his license soon

We also visited the museum at Farragut State Park.  A fascinating story of a landlocked naval station on Lake Pend Orielle that housed 30,000 military and 30,000 civilian residents.

 The evening of July 3rd, we went to Stateline Speedway and watched a demolition derby.  We met up with some good friends and Spencer was able to join us too.

There was some extra excitement when a compact demolition derby car got flipped on its roof!  I've never seen that before but the driver was okay.  He was bummed he couldn't continue because his seatbelt was no longer functional.
 After the derby, we enjoyed some fireworks.  It was fun family trip!

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